Jim Ditch Golf Classic announces 2016 course

The 7th Annual Jim Ditch Golf Classic

November 15, 2016 - Shotgun Start 8:00 a.m.

Tilden Park Golf Course
10 Golf Course Drive
Berkeley, CA 94708

For registration and sponsorship, please visit:


Highlights from the 2015
6th Annual James A. Ditch Golf Tournament 

Good Time All Tequila Hole

Good Times at the Tequila Hole; Paula Faust & Alicia Walker (both GTRans), James Holtz - BYD, Lauren Skiver - Sunline Transit, Nina Babiarz - SCRTTC and Jane Leonard - Culver City.

Pyn Johson Macy Matthew Jurjevich BYD

Fun in the Sun: Dana Pynn and Debra Johnson - both LBT, Macy Neshati and Matthew Jurjevich - both BYD.

 Holtz Pynn Faust Neshati Johnson Jurjevich

At the BYD Hole: James Holtz - BYD, Dana Pynn - LBT, Paula Faust - GTrans, Macy Neshati - BYD, Debra Johnson - LBT and Matthew Jurjevich - BYD.